Here’s the new home for the ‘Outdoor Picture’ toolkit: It’s called Outdoor Picture and it’s all about building the best pictures you can imagine.

The Outdoor PICTURE toolkit is the brainchild of a couple who have been living and working out in the woods since they were kids.The pair’s parents are retired and they don’t have much time for hiking or running anymore, so the couple set out to create something that would let them spend some time outdoors.“The […]

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Learn the art of coding with the Coding for Life classroom

Now Playing: ‘Praying’ with technology from the ‘Silicon Valley’ to the ‘Facebook’ generationNow Playing: Here’s what we know about the ‘Google Glass’ that will finally change the way we liveNow Playing ‘Amazon Prime Day’: Meet the new products coming to AmazonNow Playing:’Coding for life’ taught me everything I knowNow Playing’Pray for your loved ones’: Here’s […]

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How to Make Your Own Pop-Up Photo Album, Part 2

The other day I was thinking about the time I spent on Facebook, scrolling through a page for my friends who were in college and had a huge list of photos from their college days.My friends, of course, knew all about it, but they never mentioned it to me because, well, they were too busy […]

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How to make a book you don’t want to read

Science is a wonderful tool, but it also makes us feel like our work isn’t good enough.It turns out there’s something about reading a book that makes us question the value of what we’re doing.The more we read, the less we like it, a new study suggests.The study, published in Science, examined the value students […]

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Why do Canadians like this movie?

A film that has been criticized for its lack of social and political commentary has been embraced by Canadian audiences, who say it’s uplifting and well-acted.The movie, starring Justin Bieber and Jennifer Lopez, tells the story of a young Canadian who discovers that his mother is an immigrant from Jamaica.In the end, she has to […]

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