How to spot waste materials

Waste materials are a major issue in our homes, according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).Waste materials, or trash, include:Paper towels, cloth napkins, detergent wipes, paper bags, paper towels, toilet paper, detergents, paper, paper cups, paper plates, plastic bottles, disposable diapers, and plastic grocery bags.Wastewater and waste from construction waste, as well as from household […]

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Trump, Clinton agree on new plan to combat climate change

Clinton and Trump are “agreeing” to a plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from the United States and build on existing efforts to address the problem, according to a draft of the proposal released by the White House.The two candidates also agreed to a joint statement on the issue that they would support a global […]

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Trump: The ‘fake news’ media is ‘so corrupt’

1.1K Shares Share Share Share Buzzfeed News has partnered with The Verge to provide our readers with an overview of the most interesting and important stories from the week in tech.The Verge has partnered up with Buzzfeed to provide an overview and summary of the news from the past week in the tech industry.The article […]

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Which movie poster was the best?

The best poster is not always the one that comes out on the top of the heap.In some cases, it may be the one with the most buzz surrounding it.As we enter 2017, it’s time to take a closer look at the posters that have captured the hearts and minds of millions.The poster that captured […]

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