How to create your own anti-Vioxx vaccine

What does it look like?

The anti-virus vaccine will be made out of a compound called PVA-20, and a polymer made of silicon and silicon carbide.

That makes it hard to destroy or deform.

But it’s also the perfect material for a countertop vaccine, a small device that would sit atop a surface and be held in place by magnets.

So if a virus were to break out on your countertop, you could just grab the magnet and press it down against the countertop until the virus stops.

You don’t need to go crazy here: you can even just place a magnet on a piece of cardboard.

But if you don’t have a counter top, you can still make your own countertop.

Here are a few ideas to get started: use a paper towel to wipe down the countertops