When the internet was in its infancy, it was hard to find good-quality synthetic materials. Now that it’s here, it’s pretty hard to keep up.

Bleacher report | 6 years ago1.

The original design of the internet.

A web page on the back of a book in the United Kingdom.2.

A computer screen.

A photo of an Apple Macintosh computer in the Netherlands.3.

A book in Japan.

A large picture of the Internet.4.

A poster for a game.5.

A newspaper headline.6.

A car in a supermarket.

A banner reading “I’ll drive you home.”7.

A logo of a company that has a product called “The Internet.”8.

An ad for a computer.9.

A text box that says “I’m here to help you find the right product for you.”10.

A billboard.11.

A sticker saying “Your Internet is my Internet.”12.

A video of an airplane.13.

A picture of a baby.14.

A map with a Google Earth-like interface.15.

A phone in a car.16.

A cartoon of a tree.17.

A TV on a TV.18.

A window that says, “This is the Internet.”19.

A telephone billboard.20.

A “thank you” card with a picture of an American flag.21.

A sign with a message that reads, “Thank you for your support.”22.

A person standing in front of a building.23.

A dog in a yard.24.

A child in a classroom.25.

A television that is playing a video game.26.

A tree.27.

A snowflake in a snowstorm.28.

A bird on a tree branch.29.

A man in a park.30.

A train.31.

A chair.32.

A horse.33.

A flower in a flowerpot.34.

A flag.35.

A woman.36.

A house.37.

A fish.38.

A handprint.39.

A rock.40.

A cat.41.

A baby.42.

A clock.43.

A bicycle.44.

A ball in a ball pit.45.

A wall clock.46.

A letter.47.

A door.48.

A butterfly.49.

A starburst.50.

A balloon.51.

A cloud.52.

A sunflower.53.

A candle.54.

A moon.55.

A spiderweb.56.

A line drawn in a circle.57.

A pencil.58.

A chalkboard.59.

A dot.60.

A block of wood.61.

A bottle.62.

A shoe.63.

A spoon.64.

A bowl.65.

A coffee mug.66.

A piece of jewelry.67.

A toy.68.

A shirt.69.

A card.70.

A pillow.71.

A note.72.

A postcard.73.

A barcode.74.

A calendar.75.

A bag.76.

A coin.77.

A pen.78.

A small picture of something.79.

A mirror.80.

A ring.81.

A bracelet.82.

A hat.83.

A pair of scissors.84.

A compass.85.

A watch.86.

A pinball machine.87.

A water bottle.88.

A laptop.89.

A box of crayons.90.

A mouse.91.

A cup.92.

A cigarette lighter.93.

A paper clip.94.

A string of string.95.

A plastic toy.96.

A stack of coins.97.

A camera lens.98.

A painting of a dog.99.

A notebook.100.

A package.101.

A tube of glue.102.

A teddy bear.103.

A rubber ball.104.

A wooden crate.105.

A stick.106.

A dollhouse.107.

A baseball glove.108.

A football.109.

A broom.110.

A tablecloth.111.

A chessboard.112.

A guitar.113.

A vacuum cleaner.114.

A metal can.115.

A hammer.116.

A chain.117.

A tin can.118.

A lamp.119.

A toilet paper.120.

A bucket.121.

A tennis ball.122.

A knife.123.

A glass bottle.124.

A sandwich bag.125.

A red wine glass.126.

A white chocolate bar.127.

A condom.128.

A black and white television.129.

A refrigerator.130.

A lightbulb.131.

A cellphone.132.

A set of headphones.133.

A paintbrush.134.

A bandana.135.

A bow tie.136.

A necklace.137.

A blanket.138.

A tape measure.139.

A sewing machine.140.

A screwdriver.141.

A razor blade.142. A