Why are some NBA players so adamant about staying in their NBA teams?

article by Steve AschburnerPosted February 02, 2019 09:04:10If the Houston Rockets are looking for a new head coach, it may not be as easy as getting one in the NBA.

The Rockets have one of the highest payrolls in the league, and they have one head coach who is willing to leave for greener pastures.

It’s the perfect situation to find a new coach, and the Rockets have been searching for one for months.

Houston has been looking for an interim coach since Greg Popovich left in June of 2018.

The team has reportedly looked at Rick Carlisle, Brad Stevens, and Steve Kerr.

All of those coaches are former NBA head coaches, and all of them are in their second or third seasons in the pros.

Popovich was the head coach for the Rockets for seven years from 2008-10, and his final season was in 2015-16.

He went 1-1 in his last two seasons as a head coach with the Rockets.

He won his first championship with the team, but that didn’t translate to a championship with his team.

He was fired after the 2017-18 season, but he wasn’t fired because of the way the team performed in the playoffs.

Popich led the Rockets to the NBA Finals in 2013, and he won another ring in 2017.

His teams were one of five that reached the finals in Popovich’s three seasons with the Houston franchise.

The other two teams were the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Boston Celtics.

Pop was fired by the Cleveland Cavs in December 2018, and was replaced by Tyronn Lue.

Lue went 6-10 in two seasons with Lue’s Cleveland Cavaliers.

Pop went 3-6 in his two seasons in Houston, but the Rockets went 3 of 11.

Lues had a 4-20 record with the organization.

The Rockets are hoping Popovich can bring some stability to the franchise, which is a good thing for the team.

Popovich was a huge part of the success of the franchise.

Pop also won a championship as a coach with Houston, which the team won back in 2016-17.

Pop is a great coach, but it’s important for a franchise to have a good head coach.

Pop is an assistant coach with another NBA team, and it will be interesting to see how his role is different than that of an assistant with a team that is a little less well-known.

The NBA is a league that is very competitive, and Popovich will have an opportunity to make some adjustments.

Pop’s first season in Houston was the second year of the Houston organization’s current regime.

It was Pop’s second season with the franchise under new ownership.

Pop had a 3-11 record with Houston after three seasons in Cleveland.

He had a 7-10 record with his former team in the Eastern Conference.

The Houston Rockets have a $60 million payroll.

If they want to sign another head coach to help replace Popovich, they’ll need to spend a lot of money.

The Houston Rockets will likely need to give a big contract to a new assistant coach.

They’re not going to pay a big deal to replace Popich, so the team will need to find someone with a bigger role.