When you need to get a haircut, look no further than this Instagram account

You’re going to have to scroll past some pretty creepy pictures of people having their hair cut and you’ll also find some really, really creepy pictures.

This is the Instagram account of a woman who goes by the name “Lily” and has a history of posting pictures of women who have been brutally beaten up by other women in the past.

She has over 13,000 followers, and while the posts are a little creepy, they don’t have the content of a true “troll” or “harassment.”

The images are from a series of Instagram posts that started in July 2017, and are mostly from the Philippines, Indonesia, and Malaysia.

In some of them, you can see a woman lying on the ground, with the caption “this is me lying on my back in a hospital with a broken nose.”

The posts also show a woman having a bloody nose, blood on her pants, and a bruised face.

In another, she is holding a knife in one hand and her hair is cut with scissors in the other.

The posts also include a photo of her having a cut on her face and the caption, “I love the fact that I can finally say goodbye to my mom.”

In another post, she posts a picture of herself with a baby.

The posts have since been taken down, but there is one that you can still see.

This one is from November, and is from a post she made on November 25.

“I am a mom and I have two kids.

They were born in March and I’m in the hospital right now,” she wrote.

“The first day I went to the hospital, I got a cut in my nose.

They sent me home to be checked out.

I’m lucky to be alive.

They took my baby from me.”

While it’s not clear why the woman was posting this, it’s possible that she was posting the photos to keep her family members and friends from seeing her, which is a common thing to do in these circumstances.

The photos have since gone viral, with people posting comments about how sick she looks and asking if they can get her a haircut.

She later responded to those comments saying she wasn’t in a “daze,” but rather in a deep sleep.

This post, however, shows a very different side of the person behind the photos.

“You need to check out the rest of the pictures.

They are so disturbing, they are so shocking, it hurts me so bad,” she posted.

“They are so upsetting.

If I were to say this to my mother I would cry myself to sleep.

My mom is in the same situation I am in right now.”

The photos do not seem to be related, but it’s unclear if they are related.