Trump says he would ‘like’ a plan to ‘get the heck out of the way’ of a single-payer health care system

A White House aide told Politico that President Donald Trump “would like” a single payer health care plan in the wake of the GOP’s healthcare debacle.

“He’s also very open to the idea of universal coverage, but he’s not open to it right now,” the aide told the publication.

“The president thinks it would be a great idea, and it could be done in a very timely way.

We’d like to get the heck on it.”

“But he doesn’t want to be a bystander to this debacle.

He wants to get it right.

And the way to do that is to move forward quickly and get the hell out of there,” the adviser added.

Trump’s health care push was derailed after House Republicans voted to scrap a provision that would have mandated a universal health care insurance program.

The bill, which would have been aimed at helping Americans with pre-existing conditions, passed on Friday.