How to make a ‘smart’ house using 3D printing

Fox News article How do you create a home that uses 3D printer technology to make it look like it’s from the future?

That’s exactly what Fox News contributor and 3D Printing legend Steve Maraboli did with a DIY house.

Marabolis built the house using a combination of his 3D printed model of his living room and the model of the house itself, which was printed out with a laser printer.

The model of Marabolas living room was then converted to the house’s interior and made into a three-dimensional object.

Marabely said that the process was simple and it took less than a day.

In addition to using 3d printing to create a house that looks like it was built in the future, Marabols house was also able to mimic the shape of the room by simply adding a few pieces to it, like an armchair.

You can check out the whole project in the video below:Now that you know how to make the house look like a future house, you can actually make it.

Marabi also shared his method on how to build an actual house using the same 3D Printer technique, and the resulting model looks pretty impressive.

You’ll need to purchase the entire house, but you can download the model from Marabisi website.

Marabee also shared how to print out the interior of the model and build the house from there.

This house is pretty impressive for the price, so it might be a good idea to give it a go for yourself before it sells out.

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