A new type of picture collage can help us keep our photos in perspective

The image-processing software that powers the photo-processing app PhotoTune was designed to make photos as simple as possible to process.

But it’s now able to process images with a lot more detail than we were used to.

The company recently released the software update to fix a bug that could cause image files to look fuzzy when they were created with certain colors.

But the update also lets you make images with other types of file formats, including JPEG, PNG, TIFF, and GIF.

It’s still not perfect.

“It is definitely a small improvement but it’s enough to get the software working again,” photo-editing expert Jason Mennell told Ars Technic.

PhotoTunes developers told Ars they’re working on a fix, but Mennelly said it’s a “hopefully major improvement.”

The new Picture Collage file type will let users apply different types of images, including those with different levels of detail.

“With Picture Collages, you can take the image, and it will be saved in one file, and you can edit that file, which will be merged in the image that you’re taking,” Mennella said.

The new File type lets users apply the following image editing effects: Adjust Exposure