Which Australia’s new banks are the biggest?

From a big bank to a small, to a family-run firm, there are some of the most diverse financial services in the world.Some of the best, and most controversial, banks are located in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth.We’ve ranked them from the most profitable to the least profitable.1.Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA) 1.2% profit margin.The […]

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How to make a ‘smart’ house using 3D printing

Fox News article How do you create a home that uses 3D printer technology to make it look like it’s from the future?That’s exactly what Fox News contributor and 3D Printing legend Steve Maraboli did with a DIY house.Marabolis built the house using a combination of his 3D printed model of his living room and […]

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When a meme goes viral: A year in the making

By Nick Cafardo ESPN Staff WriterApril 12, 2018 — In March 2018, a video featuring a meme-like image of a man walking around the street with a bag of snacks went viral, becoming one of the most widely shared and widely shared videos of the year.On March 17, 2019, a few months later, the same […]

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The War on Art is Not the War on the People

Author Stephen Moore explains that there are two distinct but related ways to think about the War On Art.One is to see the war as a crusade to suppress and destroy art, and to deny the very possibility of art being anything other than what it is.The other is to consider it a war on […]

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What happens when you combine a computer with a printer?

source The New York Times title Google is making a tablet called the “Google Glass.” article source Reuters title A Google spokesman says it’s “taking this situation seriously” article source CNN article source Mashable article source USA Today article article source TechCrunch article source BBC News article source Business Insider article source VentureBeat article article

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How to buy soccer shirts with translucent materials

We’ve seen a lot of new sports apparel this year, from basketball to football to soccer, but none quite as cool as a soccer jersey.Whether it’s a throwback or a modern take on classic design, there’s no better way to get a soccer shirt with a unique twist.With translucent materials, you can now add a […]

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