How do we protect our children?

The NHL has begun implementing a new “Caring for Your Children” policy in its league offices, which will require teams to provide their kids with an outdoor activity every other day.

The policy comes in response to the growing number of cases of toddlers and preschoolers who have fallen ill with the coronavirus.

“The policy we have put in place is designed to help our teams protect their kids,” NHL spokesperson Jeff Lagerquist said.

“We believe that these actions will protect the health of our kids and we’re also going to work with the parents to find ways to provide additional outdoor activities to their kids in the future.”

The NHL’s policy requires teams to give their kids an outdoor play area every day during a game or when they’re away from the rink.

The NHL said it will also be posting “caregivers’ tips” on the league’s official website about the importance of protecting children in the summer and winter.

The NHL said the new policy is part of a broader effort to ensure teams and their players are prepared for any potential threat that could emerge from the pandemic.

Lagerquist also said that, for the first time, players are now required to wear protective gear when on the ice, something that was previously only available to NHL players.

“We’ve always encouraged our players to wear all-star gear, but we are changing the way we do it, so that the players can wear the gear they have,” Lagerstrom said.

The league also announced that it has begun collecting data on the outdoor play areas the teams use in the preseason.

Lagerholm said the league is working with a number of groups, including local hospitals, to gather the data to help determine which areas should be expanded or upgraded.

The policy is effective July 1.