Hackers breach US Navy’s ‘deep sea research lab’

Hacker News article The hacking group known as APT28 claims responsibility for breaking into the US Navy deep sea research facility and releasing documents and data, according to a report from the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS).

The US military has confirmed that a computer intrusion into the Naval Research Laboratory’s network has been traced to APT29, according a statement from the Navy’s Joint Personnel Management Center.

The Navy’s announcement follows earlier reports that APT27 had penetrated the network and accessed the Pentagon’s cyberwarfare efforts.

The Naval Research Lab is the US military’s main research facility, providing advanced hardware and software needed to protect America’s military from cyberattack.

The report said that while the Navy initially identified APT30 as a threat in April, the Navy has since identified a third suspect, APT26, which the Navy says is “likely related to previous APT activity.”

The Navy has confirmed to Reuters that it has identified two additional APT suspects in recent weeks, one of whom it identified in July as an employee of the Naval Cyber Warfare Center in San Diego, and the other identified as an active-duty officer at the Naval Warfare Cyber Warfare Directorate in Newport News, Virginia.

The Pentagon has denied any involvement in the attack.

The Center for the National Interest first reported on the Navy breach in July.

In the months that followed, the US government and the military were plagued by revelations of massive data breaches at the Pentagon and elsewhere.

In February, the military reported that more than 4.5 million personal files from employees of the Joint Chiefs of Staff had been compromised by a malicious hacker group known in government circles as APt28.

The hacking organization, known as Fancy Bear, has claimed responsibility for several cyberattacks over the last two years.

The US Defense Department’s cybersecurity center said in May that APt27 had targeted the Joint Staff Information Security Office, which maintains a database of classified information that includes personnel and information shared with other government agencies, the Defense Department said.