Trump ‘will never use a camera’: Lawyer says he’s told by White House official on camera

The White House has issued a statement denying that the president has a “camera problem.”

In a statement, spokesman Josh Earnest told NBC News that the “President has a great relationship with the White House press corps and, like most presidents, is extremely grateful for their service to him.

He has not made any such statement.”

On Saturday, NBC News reported that White House communications director Jennifer Palmieri told reporters that Trump “will never have a camera problem.”

She told reporters: “The president is the first person in the history of this country to ever hold a White House Press Conference without a camera.

He is the only president ever to do so.”

But Palmieri did not say when Trump would be photographed with his staff or if he would be wearing a camera at all.

On Monday, Earnest was asked about Palmieri’s statement, and he said that the administration was looking into the report.

“That’s something that we’ll be looking into, and I think it’s very important that we look into the record,” Earnest said.

He added: “If there’s something we should have looked into, it would have been if he was in a photo with the press corps or if there was a video of him holding a press conference.”

Trump, a self-proclaimed camera hog, has previously been photographed holding a microphone in his office or during a briefing.

In September, he was photographed on camera standing with two aides in the Oval Office holding a camera, then standing on a carpet to snap a photo of himself holding it in his hand.

The White House issued a brief statement saying that Palmieri was not involved in the photo and that she “is a person of great distinction.”

It added that the White and Congress “have an obligation to work with this administration to address the camera issue, and as president, I’m confident that we will work toward that end.”

But in recent days, Palmieri has said that Trump’s habit of holding a photo op is a sign of a “bias” in his White House.

“He’s the president, and the media is the enemy, so he has to be careful,” Palmieri said in an interview on CNN.

“But when he’s out, he’s happy to do it.

He’s just a great guy, a great person.

And I think he’s a great leader.””

The press corps is going to be a very important part of our presidency,” Palmier said.

“And the press will be able to tell you when he does his thing and when he doesn’t.”

Trump’s image has been plagued by cameras, including a CNN photo that showed the president holding up a camera and standing behind a podium.

The Trump administration has repeatedly denied the cameras exist.