New study shows the effects of makeup on your complexion

NEW YORK (AP) A study finds the makeup of women is the biggest influence on the way their skin looks after they apply makeup, according to research published Tuesday.

The study by a University of California, Irvine, professor found that the most important factor was how much makeup someone used.

The makeup that was applied to the face, the study found, could be just as important as the makeup they used on their neck and arms.

The researchers found that women who used more makeup on the face than the neck, shoulders, arms and head were more likely to be seen as “mixed” or “not natural” by their peers, according the study.

People are often asked if they are “pregnant” or what that means, the researchers said.

They wanted to see if the makeup made a difference in their appearance after they had applied makeup.

People also were more concerned about the makeup’s appearance after the makeup had been applied.

The findings suggest that the makeup should be worn even if it doesn’t match the look of a person’s skin, the scientists said.