“I’m just trying to get my point across,” says 10-year-old as he speaks out against bullying in school

By BRIAN RYANJOULAS | USA TODAY A 10-month-old boy in a small Texas town is raising questions about the effects of bullying on the children he teaches.

A parent and teacher at Fort Worth Independent School District’s public schools has come forward with the story of his experiences with bullying.

It all started on Aug. 6, when he and his students were on a field trip to a creek where a young girl was playing.

“I thought I was going to be a hero,” said Daniel Smith, the 10-term-old’s father.

Smith says he was walking along the creek with a group of students when he saw the girl play on a nearby creek.

The boy jumped into the water and started playing with the girl.

He was pulled in the water, but the boy was not hurt.

When the girls family members tried to stop the play, they were unable to do so, Smith said.

A second time, the boy climbed into the creek and started trying to help the girl, and when his friends asked him why, he said he thought he was going on a “mission.”

“The way I looked at it, the girl was the one that wanted to be saved, and he wanted to help her,” Smith said, explaining why he was acting out.

When the children’s father, Daniel Smith Sr., returned home, he called Fort Worth police and began to receive numerous reports of bullying at school.

Fort Worth Police Chief Mike O’Toole said he was “absolutely shocked” by the reports.

“We didn’t get a call for an officer, or we didn’t receive a report,” O’Toole said.

The chief says he is taking the matter to the district’s superintendent, who has ordered an investigation.

O’Leary says the Fort Worth school system is doing all it can to prevent the same thing from happening again.

“The police department is looking into what happened,” O-Toole told the Associated Press.

“It’s really sad,” he added.

“It’s heartbreaking.”

But Daniel Smith says the bullying has gone on for years.

The boy’s mother says the boy has never told her how much bullying has happened to him.

Smith’s mother, Jennifer Smith, says the district has been very cooperative with the investigation and she is thankful that police are investigating the incident.

“This is my son.

I love him.

I don’t want to lose him, but I don