‘I’m a very happy dad’: Father’s story of finding happiness after divorce

Posted March 02, 2018 06:30:53The father of a 5-year-old boy who was left stranded on a remote island in the Indian Ocean has a story of survival that is shared by other dads who share similar stories.

Sri Lanka has seen its fair share of tragic tragedies over the years, with many men leaving their wives to raise children with other men.

However, one man was able to raise his son with his wife and their children, and the boy is now doing well and doing well.

Sudhir Suresh, a retired teacher and former child protection officer, is now living with his daughter and son in Sri Lanka, and sharing his story.

The story is told in his latest book, titled “I Am a Very Happy Dad.”

Suresh has shared his story with Vice News, sharing his journey to find happiness after leaving his wife to raise a son with another man.

“I started with my wife when I was 17 and she was 34.

I had no children, so I had to take a risk to get a child with another woman.

I found myself in a tough situation, I didn’t have money and I had my own problems.

I was in a really difficult situation,” Sureshe told Vice News.”

When I started my marriage, my wife had a problem, so when I left her, I was alone, I had nothing,” he continued.”

Then I had the son I had, he was a good boy.

When I got married, I also had the daughter.

I have my children now, they are doing well.”

Sureh has now raised his son and is now able to look after his daughter.

He says the family is very happy and very happy with their new son.

“The family has been very happy, they love the boy.

They love the son and he is doing well,” he said.

The father said he and his wife have not seen the boy since he was five years old.

“He is doing very well, he is not very tired.

He has been doing well with his schooling,” Sureh said.”

My wife doesn’t work, she is doing the school.

I am just taking care of him,” he added.”

We have been married for 13 years, we have had four kids, I have three daughters.

He is now an adult, he’s a very good boy.”SURESH’S STORYSIDEHOW TO GET A GOOD CHILD Sureshe’s story was shared by another father who also shared his own story of raising a child in a difficult situation.

According to Suresher, the child was born at the end of his marriage, and was raised by his mother.

Sureshes said the family did not have much money, but the family found work through their savings.

Suresher’s wife was a teacher, and after his wife left him to raise the child with a different man, Sureshed was able in his own right to raise their son.

However he says he did not see the boy until he was in his early 40s.SURESHE’S PROBLEM WITH FATHERLESS PODCASTS “When my wife left me, I went to her house and she came home.

When she came back, I said, ‘You are out of luck, we need you, you are the only one who can get a good child.’

I was very happy because she has been teaching my son.

She had the opportunity, she had the job, she was the only person who could get a very successful child.”

After my wife died, my life was very hard.

I couldn’t do anything because I was still married.

My wife was always there, she would come and visit, she always came and took care of my son, she took care over my son,” Surshe said.SURESH SAYS HE IS NOT HAPPY WITH HIS LIFE BEFORE HIS JOB “I was in the field, I would work for two months, I could go and buy something, I can’t even eat anything, I couldn´t eat,” Sasesh said, speaking about the time he was out of work.”

There is nothing for me.

I can´t do anything.

I feel like a slave.

I don´t know what I am doing.

I think I should just leave my life.

I do not want to live here.”SURE SHOWS HIS CHILD TO TEACHER SURE SHIPS TO LEARN MORE “We go to schools and there is nothing to do but to read books.

We have been taught nothing.

We are not learning anything.

We want to be doctors, we want to do engineering.

We need to learn more, we can teach more, but we don´ts know anything,” SURESH told Vice.SURES