‘I don’t need a car’: How to get a car mount that will work for you

article I didn’t think I’d need a mount for my phone or tablet.

I had never seen a smartphone or tablet mount before, but my wife and I have both recently had to replace them after a few years of use.

I was shocked to find out that the Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S9 mount we’ve been using on the car mount was not compatible with a Galaxy S6 or Galaxy S7. 

I’ve been asked by several customers what mount to get for their devices and the answer is a smartphone mount.

They’ve asked if it would fit on a smartphone, tablet, or an Android phone and their reply is that it’s compatible with any smartphone and any tablet, too.

Samsung is the only smartphone manufacturer who makes smartphone mount compatible with Android phones, but a few other manufacturers, such as Apple, make smartphones with Android support that work with their phones.

I asked a few of these manufacturers if they had any mounting options for the Samsung phone mount.

Some said they had no mounting options and were not sure how they would work with the Samsung device.

Others were more forthcoming and said they could do it. 

The Samsung phone mounting I have was made by one of my favorite brands, Mount and Blade, which was also the manufacturer of Samsung’s Galaxy mount.

We were told that Samsung would make a replacement mount in the future, but we were told it was not yet available and that the mount was only compatible with Galaxy phones. 

The problem?

Samsung did not provide any mounting information to the market.

I spoke to Samsung customer service, who told me the mount is not compatible and would need to be ordered from the company.

I contacted the manufacturer, Samsung Korea, to ask about the issue and to get an answer. 

Samsung’s answer:  The Samsung Galaxy smartphone mount is compatible with the latest Samsung smartphones. 

 I contacted Samsung Korea to find if I could order a replacement.

I have not received a reply. 

I then contacted Samsung about why they did not make a Galaxy phone mount available to the general public.

Samsung responded that they did so because they had “no current plans to release the mount to the public”. 

I emailed Samsung Korea asking if there was a way to order the Samsung mount online and received this reply: The Galaxy smartphone mounting is available through Samsung Korea’s online store for Samsung Galaxy smartphones and tablets, including Galaxy S5, Galaxy S4, and Galaxy Note 4. 

To purchase a Samsung Galaxy mount, you must contact Samsung Korea at www.samsung.com/samsungkorea to order it online.

The purchase process will include payment and shipping to the Samsung Korea address. 

When asked how this would work for Android phones on a Samsung smartphone mount, a Samsung spokesperson said, “It would require a new smartphone mount to fit on the smartphone and that is a Samsung device.” 

It’s important to note that Samsung does make mounting compatible with smartphone devices, including phones from the HTC, LG, Motorola, and Sony. 

How to get the best smartphone mount:  There are a few ways to get your smartphone mount that works on Android phones.

If you already have a smartphone and use a Samsung mount for it, you can upgrade the mount and buy a new one that works with the device.

You can also buy a Galaxy smartphone, Galaxy tablet, Galaxy phone, Galaxy pad, or Galaxy Note smartphone mount and add it to your collection of compatible mounts.

You also can use a compatible Samsung phone or Galaxy tablet mount that’s already installed on your device. 

What to do if you don’t have a mount: I have a Samsung phone and the Samsung Samsung Galaxy phone mounting works on my phone, tablet and Galaxy phone.

The Samsung Galaxy s8 mount works on the Galaxy S phones and the Galaxy s9 mount works with Samsung Galaxy phones and tablets.

I just ordered a new Samsung phone from the Samsung online store and installed it on my Galaxy S device.

The Galaxy S phone mount works perfectly on my Samsung Galaxy devices.

I am not a Samsung reseller.

I bought the Samsung smartphone mounts from Samsung Korea because I want to get their mounting kit and because I wanted to get rid of my old Samsung Galaxy device mount. 

But I’m also not a Galaxy device owner.

I want the Samsung devices on my devices to work with other Galaxy devices, so I wanted a way for other people to get Samsung mounts and Android phones for their Galaxy devices as well.

The Samsung smartphone mounting works perfectly with the Galaxy phones I use. 

If you want a Samsung-compatible mount that is compatible and compatible with other Samsung smartphones and tablet devices, I recommend that you get a Samsung cellphone mount and install it on your Galaxy devices that have Android support. 

(Disclaimer: This article is not a substitute for advice from a qualified Samsung device expert or service representative.)