‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2’ set for a May 2019 release date

“The Amazing [Spider-Man] 2” is set to be released May 2019, with director Marc Webb set to return for the sequel.According to Entertainment Weekly, the sequel will feature a cast of new villains including a young androgynous web-slinger who goes by the name of Spider-Girl, as well as a new villainous group called the Electro-Sonic.Webb […]

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When will your computer get a screen protector?

By now you’ve probably noticed the rise of plastic screen protectors.Most of them are made from a plastic-and-aluminum material called PET (polyethylene terephthalate).These protectors have become so popular that they’ve started appearing in other materials.But how many of them actually protect your computer screen from external sources?Well, that’s where the science comes in.In a new […]

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Which are the best books for kids?

The best books are books that can help kids grow and learn, but also books that have clear goals for them.They might be a short story or a science fiction story, but they should also have a clear, fun, and engaging story.“There are a lot of great books that you can find for children and […]

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Which natural materials are worth saving for retirement?

If you’re thinking about saving for a long-term retirement, there’s no better time than now.But if you’re looking to invest your retirement funds, it’s important to remember that the market for natural materials isn’t always so clear-cut.Here’s what you need to know about natural materials.1.Natural materials aren’t necessarily better than synthetic materials Natural materials are […]

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How to make a super-tasting cake for your friends and family

How to Make a Super-Tasting Cake for Your Friends and Family A super-stuffed cake recipe with all the ingredients needed to make it your favorite birthday party cake.Read More for dessert.And then there’s the chocolate pudding.This is the ultimate chocolate cake recipe that is easy to whip up.I love it because it’s so tasty and […]

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